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Rubberbanditz Mobile WOD Essentials Kit - Back Pad Pull Up Bar - B008KSH5ZC

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Codice Prodotto:  B008KSH5ZC
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  • Includes: (1) dense foam back pad, (1) removable pull-up and chin-up bar

  • Pullup bar fits into residential doorways 24 to 32 inches wide and supports up to 315 lbs, installs in seconds and uses leverage to hold against the door - no screws or damage to door

  • Back pad is a 2lb dense foam pad that contours your lower back to support and help prevent injury

  • 5% of sale donated to underprivileged community health outreach project in Kenya

  • This product ships within 2 business days from North Carolina, USA. All fees and taxes due to foreign import/export regulations will be your responsibility upon receiving the product.

  • Colore:Back Pad, Pull Up Bar

    About the Products:
    Back Pad
    Sit-ups are tough, especially when they strain the wrong muscles. Sore backs are rampant among people who want to get in their daily ab routine. Our back pad solves that problem by allowing your spine to maintain neutral alignment, while giving your abs a great workout. With our pad, sit-ups are not easier, but they are more effective and target the right core muscles! For those using a rolled up towel to replicate the support, you're missing out. This back pad keeps the same shape and fills all the right spots in your back so that you can finish your workout pain-free in your lower back. Couple the pad with Rubberbanditz Resistance Bands to add laser focused body + resistance ab moves. Take your CrossFit workout anywhere; so get off your iPad and spend some more time on your back pad.

    About the Pull-Up / Chin-Up Bar
    The Rubberbanditz multi-functional training bar is versatile and easy to install so you can strengthen and tone your arms, back, chest and core with one piece of equipment. The bar has three grip positions (narrow/wide/neutral) and in addition to your upper body workout, place it face down on the floor, where you can easily perform pushups, dips and sit-ups to round out your routine.

    Rubberbanditz Social Outreach
    Rubberbanditz is a quadruple bottom line company (People, Planet, Profit, Power) fitness innovation company who is making a global health footprint. Through our community outreach projects, we encourage inclusion, accessibility and enthusiasm for exercise. We use our bands, bodies and minds to break down barriers to fitness through group-facilitated training sessions and by supporting like-minded community organizations. 5% of this sale will be used to fund our current outreach project in Kibera, Kenya.

    Rubberbanditz Mobile WOD Essentials Kit - Back Pad Pull Up Bar - B008KSH5ZC