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Pair of RB 12 in Strong Rehab Bands - #6 Blue - 60-150 lb (27-68kg) Resistance - B00IN9FL86

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  • Set includes 2 Strong Therapy Bands at resistance levels from 60 - 150 lbs. (27 - 68 kg). Completely customizable to your needs

  • Maximize your recovery with Rubberbanditz; our bands are great for rehabbing, stretching, toning, and strengthening

  • Requires no additional gear or fees, complete mobile gym kits available

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 60-Day Warranty

  • This product ships within 2 business days from North Carolina, USA. All fees and taxes due to foreign import/export regulations will be your responsibility upon receiving the product.

  • Colore:60-150 Lbs (27-68 kg) - Strong (Blue)

    Because of their durability and weight-to-resistance ratio, Rubberbanditz are now recommended by physicians for rehab and 'prehab' (proactive strengthening). These bands are great for stretching, strengthening, and toning problem areas as well as for providing a comprehensive gym-quality workout for your whole body.

    About the Bands:
    Our seamless 12" latex bands are made through a continuous layering process to prevent breakage. For this reason, each band can stretch up to 2 times the original length, creating a wide range of tension levels. The circular design of our bands offers resistance in both vertical and horizontal directions, meaning that your muscles are engaged from various angles. This amplifies the workout by training your muscles to work both harder and more efficiently. Curious what to get? Here's a table to give you an idea of the band sizes:

    * (Name): (Thickness) - (Approximate Resistance)
    * Light Band: 1/4" - 5 to 15 lbs (2-7kg)
    * Medium Band: 1/2" - 20 to 35 lbs (9-16kg)
    * Heavy Band: 3/4" - 30 to 50 Lbs (14-23kg)
    * Robust Band: 1 1/8" - 40 to 80 lbs (18-36kg)
    * Power Band: 1 3/4" - 50 to 120 lbs (23-54kg)
    * Strong Band: 2 1/2" - 60 to 150 lbs (27-68kg)
    * Monster Band: 4" - 80 to 200 lbs (36-91kg)

    Rubberbanditz Social Outreach:
    Rubberbanditz is a quadruple bottom line company (People, Planet, Profit, Power) fitness innovation company who is making a global health footprint. Through our community outreach projects, we encourage inclusion, accessibility and enthusiasm for exercise. We use our bands, bodies and minds to break down barriers to fitness through group-facilitated training sessions and by supporting like-minded community organizations. 5% of this sale will be used to fund our current outreach project in Kibera, Kenya.

    Pair of RB 12 in Strong Rehab Bands - #6 Blue - 60-150 lb (27-68kg) Resistance - B00IN9FL86